Opening: july 14, 2018 At 20:00
  • אוהד מטלון מימוזה, עזה, 2004, הזרקת דיו
Teacher’s Choice
Asked to select works by creators of their own choosing for the “Teacher’s Choice” exhibition, the school’s 23 teachers – either active artists, or theorists – have accepted the challenge and present works of a wide range of media and variegated disciplines.
Except for criteria such as availability, or technical feasibility (e.g., excessive weight, or unusual dimensions), the works’ selection was, by definition, unrestricted and open to any whim, inclination, or academic reasoning. In the absence of curatorial mediation, the exhibition’s concept and products may re-awaken the worn-out discussion about the “death of the author/curator” suggesting that the death of the one might breathe life into dozen others.
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