Basis Art School encourages and supports students who are motivated and aspire to contribute to the art world.
Our unique school program includes:
  • An intensive and diverse 3-year school program.
  • Mentorship from senior staff.
  • Small and intimate classes.
  • Access to the best teachers.
  • Fully equipped workshop and labs (metal, wood, ceramic and photography).
  • A personal studio from 2nd year onwards.
  • A scholarship during the study period that not only covers the school tuition but also provides further financial support. 

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School Program

1st year
2nd year
3rd year
Video art

School Faculty


Yaakov Dorchin

Artistic Director

Miki Kratsman

Photography Track Director

Yuri Katz

Painting Track Director

Efrat Klipstein

Study program director
Additional staff

Personal studio

In addition to the workshops and labs the school provides, students receive a personal studio at the beginning of the second school year. This studio is an intimate space for the students to think and create.
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Living Expenses Scholarship

Our school program encourages and supports students who really want to learn and see themselves taking an active part in the art world. All students receive living expenses scholarship that enables them to dedicate most of their time to their studies and art. The scholarship not only covers the school tuition but also provides further financial support. Students start receiving their scholarships during the second half of the first year. To retain the scholarship students must adhere to the academic and administrative policies of the school. 
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