Elian (Lula) Kaczka

Cardboard Sculpting

Artist and designer of plastic arts, including installations, sculptures, drawings and paintings.
Elian completed her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at the ORT University, Uruguay, and then, in 2013, graduated with honors from Sculpture and Painting studies at the Basis School of Art and Culture.
In recent years, she has been sculpting and building using various types of cardboard to create diverse works, such as sculptures, decorations and furniture. She works independently, as well as in collaboration with other artists.
Selected group exhibitions:

2016 – Cirque de Carton, a cooperative project with Yossi Jimmy, a video and animation artist, Jerusalem Light Festival, Israel.
2016 – Women's Crafts, Municipal Art Gallery, Ra’anana, Israel.
2015 – Group exhibition at the opening of the new building at the Basis School of Art and Culture, Herzliya, Israel. 
2015 – Touch, a unique project under the name “Feel the Art” that allows the general public, including the blind and the visually impaired, to experience works of art using different senses, Municipal Art Gallery, Herzliya, Israel.
2015 – Image/Picture, Municipal Art Gallery, Herzliya, Israel.
2014 – Rising Star, an exhibition of graduates of art schools in Israel, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel.
2013 – Group exhibition of Uruguayan artists in Israel, Givatayim Theater, Givatayim, Israel.

2014 – Young artists’ scholarship from the International Art Medal Federation (FIDEM) in Scotland.
2010/2011/2012 – "Intercultural Paintings" an art student exchange program in Switzerland, which involves volunteering in the local community.