Our school program was planned by the Basis teaching staff, which is comprised of leading artists active in the art world. The program focuses on thorough practical studies and intensive independent studio work that encourages appreciation for materials, work processes, practical research and openness to artistic creation in all its forms. The practical studies are supported by theoretical studies, in order to broaden the students' horizons, as we believe that an artist is first and foremost a man of culture.
The program also provides a broad introduction to the art world, as well as extensive knowledge and expertise in a specific field. It includes a variety of learning experiences and opportunities that expand the students' knowledge and prepare them for life as professional, active and independent artists.
The studies are conducted in small and intimate classrooms, personal studios, and fully equipped workshops and labs that invite the students to experience, practice and hone their skills beyond school hours.
In addition, we have various extra-curricular activities, such as evening sessions of model sketching, meetings with artists, special projects (noise weeks) and more.
Our school program encourages and supports students who are serious about their studies and see themselves taking an active part in the art world. All students receive a living expenses scholarship that enables them to dedicate most of their time to their studies and artistic endeavors.

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1st year 2nd year 3rd year
During the first school year, students learn the fundamentals of sculpture, painting and photography, with an emphasis on a wide range of techniques of working with various materials. The studies provide in-depth knowledge and related work methods in the metal, wood, ceramics and photography workshops and labs. In addition, the curriculum includes introductory courses in video art, sound and performance art. Along with practical studies, we teach introductory theory courses, such as art history, photography history, poetry, philosophy and more. 
During the second school year, students acquire the tools to enhance their skills and expertise in one or more artistic disciplines. We allot time in the school schedule for independent studio work with guidance from our school staff. The practical studies are supported by theoretical studies in order to broaden the students' horizons, as we believe that an artist is first and foremost a man of culture and spirit.
The school program also includes art internships in external establishments, where the student can experience and specialize in a specific field.
During the third school year, students learn advanced courses in various subjects and are welcome to deepen their skill and knowledge in whichever field they choose. In addition, special emphasis is placed on the annual end-of-year exhibition, as the curriculum allots time for the students to focus on planning and executing their projects with guidance from our school staff.
The third school year also includes various courses that prepare the students for life as active artists after they finish their studies.


This site is an archive of the activities of the school and the cultural center "Basis for Art and Culture". The institution was closed in 2020. Confirm