Yaakov Dorchin

Artistic Director

Yaakov Dorchin - a sculptor, painter, scientist, one of the most important artists in Israel in recent decades and one of the leading sculptors known for his iron sculptures. His work is deeply rooted in the Israeli landscape and nature and deal with both local and universal issues.
His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and in 1990 he represented Israel at the Venice Biennale. His works have received many accolades, including many important awards, such as the Israel Prize for Visual Arts in 2010 and the EMET Prize for Art and Culture. "Ever since I can remember, from an early age, I drew and made art", Dorchin recalls. "It wasn’t planned and wasn’t due to a decision I made. It's just an integral part of my personality."
Academic positions:
Head of the Higher Education Council examining academic programs for training art teachers: 1998-2004
Head of the Arts Department, University of Haifa 1997-2002.
Professor of Art, University of Haifa 1991.
Sculptures in public spaces
1995: “Sea Angel”, Abba Eban Boulevard, Herzliya.
1995: 'Angel', 'Sculpture Garden', Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.
1994: “Ship of fools”, The Coastal Road, Herzliya (with Yigal Tumarkin).
1993-1995: “Sealed well”, The Coastal Road, 83’rd kilometer.
1993-1995: “Sealed well with fossilized lily”, Tel Aviv University.
1993-1995: “Sealed well”, Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv.
1991: “Well and four dogs”, Ben-Zion Street Corner of King George Street, Tel Aviv.
1989: “Pool with rainbow fish”, Herzliya Museum of Art, Herzliya.
1987: “Pool with four fish”, Tel Hai.
2011 Israel Prize in Visual Art.
2004 EMET Prize for Arts and Culture.
1989: Minister of Education and Culture Award for Painting and Sculpture.
1985: Oscar Hendler Award, Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz.
1985: Oscar Hendler Award, Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz.