Yair Garbuz

Cultural Director

Painter, art teacher, journalist, satirist, author, and man of culture. Garbuz has written seven books and his works are presented in many exhibitions in Israel and the world. His paintings are included in various museum collections in Israel and in many private collections.
“I learn from everything I do”, explains Garbuz. “I wasn’t born with any of these elements originally, it’s all assembled from chop shop parts, like in a car" Garbuz admits,  “My entire life I have preferred excess over deprivation, over-emotionality rather than emotional stinginess,  exaggeration over miserly precision, and squandering over saving".
Academic positions
1997-2011: Director, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College
1973-2011: Art lecturer, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College
2014: A Home in the Galilee
2010: Oy My Beloved Country
1989: Always Polish
1974: Yair Garbuz – Paintings and Drawings, Tel Aviv Museum
1986: Yair Garbuz Presents a Jew, Frenchman and Arab, Tel Aviv Museum
1990: Yair Garbuz – Paintings, Ramat Gan Museum
1999: New Paintings, The Open Museums Tefen, Tel-Hai
2012: I Wish I had a Better Solution, Ramat Gan Museum
2013: Eretz Yashar, Ein Harod Museum

2004: EMET Prize
2000: Ministry of Culture an Israel Museum Prize
1994: Sokolov Journalism Award
יאיר גרבוז